Passive token

Passive token – best passive token on market

A passive token will make sure you have a monthly inflow of money. An excellent opportunity for all who want passive income is AirPod. These are capsules that will be placed in all major airports, railway stations, bus stops. So where people wait and can rest.

Peace and comfortable travel is the desire of everyone who is waiting for an airplane, train or bus. The passive token will thus ensure your regular revenue, which you will earn from the people who will use the capsule.

This way you will double the input. AirPod offers higher earnings compared to AirBnB or Booking. Passive token can bring you everything from a few hundred euros a month to a couple of € 1000 right every month. Those who invested in the project for more than € 100,000, however, expect a monthly turnover of 5 digit numbers. With the special Blockchain technology, each of your invested € will be carefully managed. So there is no risk for investing in this project for you.

For all those interested in passive tokens, we suggest that you find more information on their website. AirPod offers you lifetime passive income, easy account editing, complete transparency. The best thing is that everyone can afford it, because you do not need big inputs!

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