Ococolors is a Slovenian company, which is engaged in the production of various items, which enable us to better practice in various sports and activities.

The company focused mainly on activities carried out by both men and women. Their products are focused on the gentler gender. Ococolors offers us non sliding gloves, socks for yoga, pilates and dancing. You can choose between different colors that are perfectly caught as a kit.

If you are interested in their products, we invite you to view the online store and check the prices of the items you are interested in. In the following article, we will present you the main advantages that our products offer.

Socks for yoga

Socks for yoga are available in different color combinations that can be found on their website. According to ococolors, most customers decide to buy both items. They therefore choose socks and gloves at the same time. Most often choose to buy two identical bar, and some also have those that like different color combinations.

In socks for yoga you will also have different sizes available. Which is absolutely logical, because we have different feet. Socks for pilates and yogi have a special cummy base on the underside, which will provide you with excellent adhesion with the base.

You will also be able to ensure the cleanliness of your feet using ococolors of socks. For all those who practice in “cooler” rooms, these socks will give you a sufficiently strong “warming”.

Gloves for pilates

Gloves for pilates are available in identical colors, like socks. They also have a special rubber base on the underside, which will provide for the good grip you need during training. If you are interested in purchasing or have any additional questions, we suggest that you contact ococolors over a telephone number or malia.

You will find this information on their website. We also invite you to read all our other articles!

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