During my student years, I worked part-time every summer. This was not only to earn extra finances but primarily to recognize the value of gaining practical experience that could help shape my future career paths. On the Youth Cooperative Subotica platform, I managed to find student work every summer, which offered me the opportunity to collaborate with various companies. This allowed me to explore different aspects of the business world while gaining invaluable experiences that school classrooms simply cannot offer.

After completing my studies, I was prepared to enter the job market as a young engineer, but at the same time, I was also concerned about how to approach this pivotal step. While searching for information on employment opportunities, I remembered a friend who mentioned the HR agency Workforce. I decided to check out their services.

When I enrolled in their job seeker database, I quickly received an invitation for the first interview. This experience proved to be very positive from the start, as I felt that I now had experts by my side who understood my interests, desires, and needs.

With the help of the staffing agency, I decided to become more proactive in seeking my first job. They regularly informed me about various job openings that could match my qualifications and interests. They also provided me with valuable advice for successful interview preparation and job acquisition. This selfless support gave me the necessary confidence to tackle the challenges of job hunting.

After several months of intensive searching, an opportunity finally arose that seemed like a perfect match. The job not only required most of my knowledge in economics but also offered competitive pay and an exceptional opportunity for career development.

In addition to finding employment, I also gained invaluable skills and knowledge about job searching through this experience. I understand that this step is just the beginning of my journey, but I am grateful to have had a professional team by my side. My experience with the staffing agency was extremely positive, and I warmly recommend it to any job seeker who is looking for not only work but also professional guidance and support on their career path.


At Workforce Staffing Agency, they understand that transitioning into the job market can be a significant challenge. That’s why they’re here to help you bridge that gap throughout the entire Adria region. Check out the job openings in Slovenia as well.

Workforce Employment Agency
If you also want to realize your potential and find your first job with the help of an agency, enroll in the job seeker database or get in touch with them. Together, you will shape a path that will lead you to your desired career success.

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