Eggos is the name of an innovative company where they are engaged in the development and also the sale of the best software. They offer complete software solutions for you, for all services as well as for trade activities. At Eggos, they boast a team of experts from various fields and fields of knowledge. In addition, everyone is experienced in using software and business software.

In this article, we will present you some basic information about the mentioned company, where you can find a lot of software. If you are interested in information on this topic, we kindly invite you to continue reading.


The founders of Eggos are Jože Strniša and Primož Grajžl. Both had a clear goal and vision with the establishment, which is:

  • involve as many innovative professionals in the field of development, production, design and, of course, accounting as possible in the projects,
  • create as user-friendly, easy and unique software and hardware as possible,
  • provide user-friendly, efficient and also fast after-sales support,
  • follow the business system of sharing knowledge and experience in the most open way possible,
  • build an internationally successful business model for the great development and distribution of the mentioned products with business partners who have a similar opinion as the two of them,
  • and last but not least to be and remain a human being to co-workers, users and business partners.

All of this is so very important these days!


In the mentioned company, they have created a quality integrated solution for managing cash operations for you. It is a user-friendly and easy tax cash register. So they created EggPOS software that installs on a specific device and allows for easy cash register operations. EggBOX, on the other hand, is the name for a mobile device that allows you to manage your EggPOS cash register anywhere. They have also created EggMEDIA, which you can use as your own multi-channel TV program.


They can boast of achieving the greatest sales effect with a network of 12 EggOS trained regional representatives and 152 municipal vendors!

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