EggBOX is fully mobile tax cash register. This allows you to easily, quickly and above all reliable cashier operations. This mobile tax cash register is a solution or offers everything in one, as it combines everything you need. This is, of course, a cash register, a program or computer, a mobile modem and a built-in printer for printing invoices. It is a unique and at the same time very practical portable cash register!

In this article, we will present you with even more information about EggBOX. That is why we especially urge you to continue reading. We have gathered a lot of interesting things about this topic in one place for you!


Let us note at the outset that the EggBOX is extremely convenient to use on a variety of stalls. It is an environment where there are usually small spaces, most often just a table or a small counter. Often there is also very poor lighting, many different items that cause confusion, and the counter is accessible from both sides. In addition, it is very possible that a drink is poured on the products or even on the seller, or it starts to rain outdoors. It is for this reason that it is all the more important that the mobile cash register is resistant to dirt, shocks, moisture, rain, that it is as small as possible and that it is suitable for working in daylight. And all these features have the mobile tax cash register EggBOX!


The latter is extremely practical, so its use is also recommended for those who deal with field sales, car services (mechanics), with the delivery of food, drinks or other items and those who work in salons, boutiques, small bars, clubs or clubs. . This box office is an indispensable accessory at concerts and sporting events!


The mentioned cash register knows almost no problems, as it has a built-in modem or a so-called mobile phone card. The latter enables an always working network connection. In addition, the POS printer is integrated and thus automatically always easily accessible. The cash register also has a very low weight and ergonomic shape. Innovative composite materials ensure that it is suitable for use in such a very demanding environment.

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