Airpod is a project designed for all people who love to travel around the world. Have you ever been waiting at a train station, airport, or any other center where there is a huge crowd of people. All that you wanted, however, is private space, silence and peace. Airpod is intended for all people who want to spend waiting in silence. With the help of a capsule, you will be able to work on your computer, sleep, or just rest.

No one will be disturbed by this. For those who are interested in investing in businesses or blockchain projects, however, airpod is one of the most interesting projects in the long run. With the help of coins, you will be able to part or all of the individual aipod capsules. Your contribution will be returned seminely in the form of passive income. People will naturally have to pay for the use of aipod capsules and you will receive a proportionate share of this money.

What’s the best thing about this is that your input can be in aipod from just a few hundred euros. On their website, you can also see a computation that compares the different types of inputs. The Airpod capsule thus exceeds the profit you can generate through real estate, such as, for example, airBNB in ​​Booking. See the table on their website, as well as information on how you can buy a part of the capsule and how to make a payment. If you have any additional questions, we suggest that you contact them. We are sure that they will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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