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For many people, the Spa in Slovenia is one of the most relaxing forms of spending holidays. Take off once a year for a holiday in  Spa in Slovenia, so find out why they were used by the Romans. Spa in Slovenia offers you various activities that can be performed within the complex or in its surroundings.

Spa in Slovenia and activities in them

The spa offers you various activities tailored to all age groups. If we start with children. Toboggans will make fun of spending spare time. Especially for children, special programs are made, where different types of props are used for playing, which they receive free of charge before the start of the exercise.

Also, in Spa in Slovenia, there are a lot of small things. For example, a menu for children, lockers in their heights …. For their parents, excellent news will be a protection, where children can spend some time under the eye of a responsible person in the spa. For adolescents and those who are not parents, a big swimming pool, also called the Olympic Pool, will be provided for entertainment.

The use of slides for adults who offer a little more adrenaline is always welcome. Also, in Spa in Slovenia, you can find spinning boards, where you can easily jump on your head, make a salto …

For adults and retired people, spa in Slovenia treatments will provided in the spa with the help of warm massage pools, where they will be able to indulge in thermal water. The hot springs are undoubtedly the perfect place to spend your free time actively.

Tops and activities in the surrounding area

A lot of people choose to spend their holidays actively. In the morning you can go to explore the surroundings of the spa, and then pamper yourself with the help of thermal water, pools, massages and various therapies. We have prepared a list of different activities that you can experience in the surroundings of the term.


The organized cycling routes to the surroundings of Spa in Slovenia are perfect for active leisure time. You can try to explore local roads or drive along the bicycle trail and watch the beautiful surroundings.

The rivers, the forest and the points of view will ensure unforgettable experiences on the bike. What’s more beautiful than a morning bicycle trip, a coffee in a café and an afternoon holiday in Spa in Slovenia?


In the surroundings of the Spa in Slovenia, there are many different routes that are suitable for older people and those younger. Ask for directions at the reception. We are sure that they will have a collection of useful information for you about all the routes in your area.


For those who do not engage in fishing, this activity should probably not come to your mind. For all foreign fishermen, this beautiful hobby can be a wonderful diversion of free time.

Socializing with local fishermen and catching fish in places you do not know is definitely a great adventure.

Walks in nature and rolling

Walking in nature has been relaxing since ancient times. Walk through the parks, discover local plants and read interesting information about them. Promise you that it will not be bored!

Exploring the surroundings, gastronomy, landmarks and history

You can also explore the surroundings. Local villages, streets and markets will awaken your curiosity! Try the excellent local dishes in the best restaurants in your immediate vicinity, and enjoy yourself when you look at your new favorite spot!

Sights will help you discover local and national history. You will be able to ask about them at the reception desk, the info point of the city or what they have searched over the Internet.

Various therapies in the spa

For all of you who are going to the spa for rehabilitation and the need for different therapies, we provide you with some of the most useful information for improving your health.

To improve your life, we suggest visiting various therapies available to you at the spa. In addition to massages, we propose a visit to two therapies, which will be described in more detail in the continuation of our article.


Ayurveda in Slovenia is an Indian therapy. Unlike bowen therapy in Slovenia, which was created in the 20th, ayurveda is a traditional medicine originating from India, and the human being is treated comprehensively.

So we cover all forms of health. The word ayurveda consists of the word “ayus”, which means “life”, and “science”, which means “knowledge”, “science”. Ayurveda in Slovenia or “science of life” man treats the whole person and teaches him to live healthy and in harmony with nature. Ayurveda in Slovenia knows three main causes of the disease in our body.

The first is the incorrect identification of the intellect with “me” and “mine”, the second is the abuse of human senses for our pleasures, desires, greed and selfishness.

In other words, this can also be said to be exaggerated in certain areas of our lives. And third. We suggest that you read more information on the attached website, and find out all the information you need.

Bowen therapy

Bowen therapy in Slovenia is one of the most popular therapies in the 21st century. It comes from Australia. It was developed by the Australian therapist in the 20th century.

Bowen therapy in Slovenia could be described as a kind of hypnosis. With the help of various programs you will take care of your health. Gentle pulls over your muscles and ties and the rest of the tissue at precisely defined points and in a specific order will have a beneficial effect on your body.

Bowen therapy in Slovenia can capture the various parts of the body that we are dealing with individually. Also, the therapy can be performed throughout the body. Therapy is performed with hands on bare skin, without the addition of oil and other massage aids. Blessing has many problems.

Let them be pain in the elbow, knee or other joints.Bowen therapy in Slovenia will make sure that your problems are resolved in a completely natural way. As an interesting fact, we can say that Bowen therapy in Slovenia can also be performed on infants as it has no side effects that could harm people. For infants, this is often the case for those children who have severe cramps. We hope that we have provided you with enough information on spending spare time in the spa.

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