It was a period when I felt like I was at the crossroads between student life and entering the workforce, and honestly, I wasn’t sure how to begin this new chapter of my life.

However, I knew that I had a vast amount of knowledge and the will to work, so I decided to embark on a search for opportunities that would allow me to leverage my skills. Along this journey, the internet became an invaluable source of information for me. Up until now, I had found all my student jobs on the Poslovi za studente Novi Sad website. I began browsing websites that offered job listings and tips for job hunting.

While browsing, I came across the Posao Novi Sad website. I found a job that matched my interests…


The next step was applying for this job. In my application, I made an effort to express my ambitions, experiences, and strong motivation for working in this field. Apparently, my application caught the attention of the staffing agency because I was soon contacted for the first round of interviews with a recruiter from the Workforce employment agency.

The first interview was truly a significant step on my journey. It was an opportunity to more thoroughly present my qualifications, experiences, and showcase my passion for the work.

This was followed by a second interview, attended by both a recruiter from the staffing agency and a representative from the company where I wanted to build my career. This step provided me with a better insight into the potential employer, the company itself, and their expectations of a potential employee. At this point, I could more accurately envision the environment that awaited me in the future.

I successfully passed this second interview as well. I knew that I was qualified for this job and that I was ready for the challenges ahead.

Then came the third and final round of interviews, which was certainly the most demanding. This was an opportunity to demonstrate my abilities and passion for the work that I so eagerly wanted to do. I approached the third interview with great anticipation and hard work.

And in the end, I received excellent news that filled me with joy and satisfaction – I was chosen for employment!


Preparation for the first day of work was crucial for a successful start to my career in Novi Sad. Before starting, I carefully examined all the information about the company, their values and goals, and the work culture. This helped me better prepare for what to expect and how I could integrate into the team as best as possible. I also acquainted myself with my supervisor and colleagues and made an effort to present myself as a positive and open colleague.

The first day of work was full of anticipation and excitement. I was warmly welcomed and introduced to the team. I spent the first day familiarizing myself with the company, getting to know tasks and responsibilities, and acquainting myself with the work environment. There was a lot of information, but I made an effort to absorb it as best as I could.


The first week at work was very intense but extremely instructive. I quickly became involved in the work processes, learned tasks, and took on responsibilities. My colleagues welcomed me warmly and stood by me when I needed help. I also attended numerous meetings and training sessions, which helped me better understand the company’s operations.

The first week was full of challenges but also opportunities for growth and learning. I was excited about my new career in Novi Sad, and I was convinced that I had made the right decision. Over the weeks and months, I continued to develop and contribute to the success of my company, enjoying all the attractions that Novi Sad had to offer both in and out of work.


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