Terme are one of the points where you can relax and indulge in a variety of things that will strengthen your health. People have been dispatched to terme since the time of the Romans.

In this article we will present you all the main information you need to know about the terms in Slovenia. We are sure that every one of you, at least once in a lifetime, visited the spa and allowed himself to indulge in thermal water, swimming in a pool, slides … Most often, they offer us various options for spending their free time. Not only in their complex, but also in the very surroundings where you will be.

Terme Slovenia price list

Terme Slovenia price list can be found on this link. Take a look at their offer and book your services right through the online store! Among other things, different price lists have been prepared for you.

On the page you will find the installation price list or staying at their hotel. Price list for pools and saunas, therapies in Slovenia such as Ayurveda Slovenia, Bown’s therapy and many other forms of modern and ancient treatments.

For those who are in their immediate neighborhood and would like to visit the thermal bath several times a month, there are seasonal benefits available that offer you the perfect price for enjoying and pampering in their services! There is a price list for all businessmen who want to spend unforgettable business moments in the thermal spas.

We are convinced that an interesting source will be found for each one, which will provide an unforgettable experience in the spa. Or be it on therapy, sauna, pool or even a slide!

Term discont

Terme discont is one of the things that people are interested in. Nothing unusual, since this is in the human nature. Terme in action will be the cheapest choice in Slovenia on the website of the provider or directly contacted him. With a bit of luck, you will also find some good offers on the landing pages that offer services at the price.

Action prices, as we are accustomed to using different stores with – 50% discount, are unlikely to be found. Or you can take advantage of the various offers available to you. Particularly special action prices are for students, students and pensioners. You can also enjoy family tickets in a very comfortable way.

Terme in slovenia

Terme in Slovenia are a great place to choose a term. The quality and order of the premises and the provision of services are at a high level compared to neighboring countries.

This is why many people decide to visit the spa in Slovenia. There are many Italians, Germans, Hungarians, Croats and Serbs. In a smaller number, there are representatives of slightly more remote countries, such as Belgium, the Netherlands … Most often, in Slovenia, they visit their own motorhome.

Activities in terme

You can use a lot of different activities in terme. In rough terms, they could easily be divided into activities that you carry out within the spa and activities that you conduct outside. You can take part in various programs that take place at the pool, in the sauna, go to the fitness center, enjoy the massage of your body, enjoy the delicious food.

You can also just lie on the lounge and enjoy a well deserved rest. For those who would like to spend their epicenter more active and venture into activities outside the complex. Here you are practically unlimited and you have a huge opportunity for a quality holiday. We will pick you up for some of the most interesting ones and, of course, those people most often go to.

When talking about older people, we can first of all say that the greatest interest in walks and shorter trips in nature. There are still many who can walk a few kilometers and enjoy nature. They also want to go for a variety of walking routes to nature or to the city center. There they have a coffee and they go back.

Families are mostly those who bring a lot of different things to themselves. What’s more beautiful than cycling excursions along the well-kept cycling routes in the immediate vicinity. Yes, we also have such terme in Slovenia. Families often leave for a longer trip to the surrounding hills and hills.

They love exploring the history of the place they visited. We must not forget about the cuisine and delicious food that can be found in the complex itself. The possibilities for a well-spent and unforgettable holiday is huge, so it’s up to you to book a spa and go on vacation. Let the thermal water take care of your body. You will also be able to drink thermal water in Slovenia!

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